Simple Pricing Built For Any Size Team

Add Features & Users as needed

Acembly Basic

Manage AWS, Wasabi, Azure and Backblaze accounts from a single page

Costs & Usage Notifications

Search Across Clouds

Secure File Share

Easy access to all paid Features

Acembly C2C Migrator

Transfer Speeds up to 60GB/sec

Transfer to/from S3, Wasabi, Azure and Backblaze accounts from a single page

Simple Copy or Move

Move a PB of data within 24hrs

Fastest SaaS Cloud to Cloud migration service available


Advanced Search across multiple cloud accounts

Enhanced MetaData Search

Custom Value Search

Video Player

Copy, Share and Download

ftX High speed Download option

Available for S3, Wasabi, Azure and Backblaze

Budget Manager

Real time cloud costs for AWS, Azure, Wasabi and Backblaze accounts

Customized Budget Manager

Add any Cloud Service to track costs against budget

Unlimited notifications

Comparisons between cloud services

Custom reporting

Add Your Team Members for Only $10/User

Cloud to Cloud Direct Transfers - $0.05 GB
50+ Users $8/Month